Who We Are

Thank you for visiting the UCSD Aerodrome website. We are faculty and staff affiliated with the Contextual Robotics Institute that run and maintain the Aerodrome.


Dr. Henrik Christensen
Dr. Henrik Christensen Faculty Email: hichristensen@ucsd.edu
Dr. Jorge Cortés
Dr. Jorge Cortés Faculty Email: jocortes@ucsd.edu
Dr. Nikolay Atanasov
Dr. Nikolay Atanasov Faculty Email: natanasov@ucsd.edu

UCSD Aerodrome Managers

Abdullah Altawaitan
Abdullah Altawaitan Graduate Student Email: aaltawaitan@ucsd.edu
Scott Addams
Scott Addams Graduate Student Email: saddams@ucsd.edu

UCSD Aerodrome Safety Officer

Tyler Allen
Tyler Allen Safety Officer Email: tyallen@eng.ucsd.edu

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