Code of Conduct

This page establishes procedures for safe use of the UCSD Aerodrome and related Unmanned Aerial Vehicle operations. Due to the risks associated with using this facility, the safety procedures outlined below must be followed by all research staff and visitors.

Registration and Access
  • Any Aerodrome user must first register with the Aerodrome managers in order to have access to facility and the calendar.
  • Please schedule a time slot with the Aerodrome calendar to ensure that no time conflicts occur.
  • Access to the space is limited by key access. The office must be locked, except when in use.
  • Before leaving the Aerodrome make sure that the office is locked.
    • Send an email that includes a picture of the key being placed back into the lockbox.
Lab and Computer Conduct
  • Turn off the Vicon system before leaving:
    • Make sure to turn off the power running to the Vicon Cameras and DLinks.
    • Turn off the Computer when not in use.
  • Lock the Aerodrome office before leaving:
    • Close the windows. Turn off the air conditioner.
    • Check that both the deadbolt and handle lock are locked.
    • Pull on the door to ensure that the Aerodrome is locked.
  • Keep the Aerodrome field and office clean!
    • The space should look exactly the same as how you first found it.
    • NO food or drinks are allowed in the Aerodrome office for safety reasons.
    • Water is allowed but please keep it away from the electrical equipment and off of the table with monitor.
  • Do not use the Aerodrome/Vicon PC for anything other than running the Vicon software:
    • Be responsible with the internet access.
    • Do not download software to the Aerodrome PC without consent from an Aerodrome manager. If consent was given, make sure the download is coming from a reliable source.
  • No manufacturing, such as drilling, cutting, soldering, or gluing, is allowed in the office.
Desks and Racks
  • Propellers must be removed when a robot is placed on the workbench.
  • Batteries should be charged in a designated area with no daisy-chaining of electrical cords.
  • A fire proof LiPo safety bag must be available.
  • You can store items such as drones on the racks however NO BATTERIES ARE ALLOWED TO BE STORED IN THE OFFICE!
Conducting Flights
  • All flights must be conducted within the netted area.
  • It is best to not have any person in the netted area during flight operations. If the operation requires a person in the netted area during an experiment, it is strictly required that the person wears appropriate personal protective equipment, especially protective eyewear.
  • Drones must not be flown closer than 2 m to any Vicon camera.
  • When operating a robots, the operator must be mentally alert and stay at least five feet away from the robot.
  • Prior to each flight and before termination of a flight, the pilot must verbally announce the flight plan to all crew members and give a countdown prior to launch or landing.
  • In the event of a fire, earthquake or evacuation, all flights must be immediately grounded and discontinued.
Accidents or Injuries
  • Any serious crash or aircraft incidents must be reported immediately to This includes fires and hazardous material spills.
  • Any injuries must be reported by visiting
  • Administer proper first aid and ensure first-aid kit is stocked. Call 911 for emergencies.
  • Injured students should visit Student Health Services, or UCSD's Thornton Hospital for emergencies. Injured employees should visit the UCSD Center for Occupational & Environmental Medicine (COEM) clinic during UCSD Business Hours or Thornton Hospital for emergencies or after-hours care.
  • Do not attempt to clean up any spill or release for which you are not fully trained and equipped.
Fire Prevention
  • An ABC fire extinguisher must be mounted near the office door.
  • Follow the instructions listed in the instructions page.

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